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AAAFM Publishing aims to bring you the most prominent research and news in the materials science. AAAFM Publishing lives by a promise to scientists and researchers: to guarantee that all findings with the potential to advance the materials sciences are presented, promoted, and permanently accessible as the building blocks of imminent discoveries.

Empowering Knowledge

We promote, support institutions and like-minded scientists near you and around the world through tackling the major global challenges in the field of materials science.
AAAFM’s mission is to create a platform where it can become the world’s leading source of news, research, and analysis of materials. By creating print and online data resources of peer-reviewed journals, magazines and books, AAAFM will gain a global reach accounting to a readership of more than one million. Along with that, AAAFM aims to be the source of articles cited most frequently in materials research. AAAFM is a not-for-profit publisher, and we reinvest extra funds back into the universal scientific community, supporting our mission to advance excellence in the materials sciences.

We gather and publish those articles and research papers that are significantly noteworthy in their subject or across subjects. By providing such credible resources, we want to improve the scientific concepts in materials. The papers eligible for publication should contain novel information with concepts, data, and synthesis of broad importance. A large scientific community along with the public should hold them credible.

We welcome papers from all subjects of materials, regardless of their source of origin. Our editors work diligently to evaluate papers promptly and get them published while still holding high-quality standards supporting the reproducibility of the research.

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